Kim Russell
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Kim Russell
Inspirational, Motivational and Essential

What legacy will you leave behind for your family?
  • Invite Kim to speak on ways to build your family legacy, and
    build your community

  • Invite Kim to discuss the historically valuable
    Tuskegee Love Letters and her search to know her
    late mother  - Buy the book!  See the play!

  • Invite Kim for book signings in your community

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Praise for Kim Russell

"Wonderful workshop!  What a great way to talk to
my family, ways to tell share my truth and my
pride." D.K. Las Vegas

Kim's book is:
" A priceless slice of African-American history that
can't be read without crying and which
undoubtedly deserves to be on display in the
Kam Williams  
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Tuskegee Love Letters

A collection of actual,
intimate, personal letters
between a wife and
husband, and daughter
separated by war.   Read
how a daughter finds
closure to pressing questions
about losing a parent.
    What will you leave as
    your legacy? - Come
Life of Sojourner Truth
What does a 19th century
woman have to teach us about
family and our American
    Find out- Come inside!
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"It's not who you know, it's who knows you..."
Kim Russell