Family Legacy  by Kim Russell
Family Legacy - how uncovered family treasures
changed her life and 1000's like her.  This will change
your family too!   LECTURE, WORKSHOP, PLAY all in one!

  • Lecture - "Kept in a drawer" how to discover your
    family history, its pride and its wonderful truth
  • Workshop - "I told you so"

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First Hour

Learning to use the actors tools, including concentration,
focus, storytelling, building a living history tableau.  
Discussion follows.

Second Hour

Participants read aloud an original play based on actual
letters from a Tuskegee Airmen of World War II.
Participants follow a guided interview exercise to learn
more about themselves and their family.   Discussion

Third Hour

Live stage performance by Kim Russell as Sojourner
Truth—a woman of 3 wars

Trigger higher level of thinking
Engage various intelligences and learning styles
Lessons in listening and empathy
Open conversation

A fun and engaging tool for studying the African American History Month

Learn to play the I told you so - Family Legacy Game  By Kim Russell (c) 2012