Asheba's Story - For grades 3 - 7

A celebration of Black History Month

Asheba answers the question: “Why study African
American History?”, in a play for 12 to 30 voices.


I am Asheba, your griot.  What’s a griot?  I am my village story teller.  I keep the
history of great heroes and I put them in this box.  Then one by one I pull out
the history and tell it to my children, like my father before me.  Come my
children and let me tell you the stories that are held in this box.  
Asheba, do you have any stories in that box that tells how Black History Month

Yes, little Mary.  And I will pull out this magic leaf and put it to your ear.  It will
tell you the story in your ear and you can tell all of us.
(Mary listens to the leaf and begins to speak)
Carter G. Woodson is known as the father of Negro History.  His organization
the Association for the Study of Negro life sponsored the first Negro History
Week in 1926.   Now it is celebrated all over the United States for the whole
month of February.

Was that real magic?  I don’t believe it.   Can I tell a story too?  I want to tell the
story of the men who worked on the railroad.  I think I was named for some
one back then.

(Asheba places a leaf in the hand of Randolph)
The leaf is telling me, A. Philip Randolph started the Brotherhood of Sleeping
Car Porters in the 1920’s.  It became the most successful union for African
Americans.  Back then, most people rode trains everywhere, and the men who
worked in the trains worked under difficult conditions with little security or
safety.  Once the union was formed the men organized and won equal
treatment like the White American train workers.

Wow, the leaf told you all of that in your ear?

No, it is written on the back of the leaf.

What’s a union?
Dear Ms. Russell:

    I used your play
    "Asheba's Story"
    for an African
    American History
    program in my
    school. My 5th
    graders performed
    it! It was extremely
    well received and I
    really thank you!
    Please send me
    any future
    appropriate for
    young performers!
    I'd love to try them

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    Thank you for your prompt reply.  I've downloaded Asheba's Story and I
    am enthused about the script.  It is very well written!  I'm considering
    enlisting the help of our Discoveries' teacher and also our fifth and
    sixth grade Lang. Arts/Soc. Studies teachers to help  put on this play
    towards the end of Feb.  I'll let you know how things work out.
    I'm also wondering what kind of storytelling  you do and what  you
    charge for your services?
    Thank you for the use of your script.  If I am able to use it, then I will  
    make certain that you're given the credit on all programs, poster, etc.

    Sincerely, Kay
young people perform.  The way you have
written this makes learning about our
history very interesting
    I've read the
    play in it's entirety and I and should hold
    everyone's attention.  I will let you know of
    our success.

    You are invited to attend our church

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