Tuskegee Love Letters by Kim Russell
    Tuskegee Love Letters is a collection of actual,
    intimate, personal letters between a wife and husband,
    and daughter separated by war.  Read how this
    newlywed couple struggle - and triumph- to keep their
    marriage alive.  Read how a daughter finds closure to
    pressing questions about losing a parent.

    Excellent piece for stage setting, museum setting, veteran
    celebrations, classroom or humanities discussions.
    Cast of 3 people -
    2 women, 1 man

Tuskegee Love Letters - Letters from a Red Tail
An adult orphan uncovers the hidden romantic story of her parents.  Love, loss and redemption.
One-act Readers Theater
From an original member of
the Tuskegee Airmen

Ideal for classroom, studies
of World War II, Tuskegee
Airmen history, and African
American history.

Use it to celebrate American
Veterans' of the past and
our war heroes and their
families of today.

Letters from Lt. Col. James
Bernard Knighten, his wife  
Luana Knighten and their
daughter Kim Russell

Buy the book and read how
a daughter grieves the loss
of her mother and moves
Tuskegee Airman Lt Knighten

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If you liked the George Lucas Film, Read more, read Tuskegee Love Letters.
Read how one family copes with the loss of a parent.

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Family dealing with loss
Motherless children
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War II letters, adult orphans,
loss of a parent, V-Mail,  
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Essence Mag, Veterans day
theme, Black History Month,
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" A priceless slice of African-American history that can't
be read without crying and which undoubtedly deserves
to be on display in the Smithsonian."  Kam Williams  

"I'm working on a PhD & your play was a welcomed break from
the heavy reading. Looking forward to the full story!"  Simone
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Are you an adult orphan?  Lost a parent and you're a parent?
Read this book?  It was written for you.
Dealing with parents death...this book is for you.  Pick up a copy.
An adult orphan uncovers the hidden romantic story of her parents.  
Love, loss and redemption.  Tuskegee Love Letters, a true story of an
Original Tuskegee Airmen.  Letters of love are lessons for all.  What
lesson do you leave behind for the next generation?  
Buy the book,
see the play!